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The simplicity with which they can be mounted and disassembled
The substantial amount of standardization
Thanks to these standardization, the clamping bushes have currently changed several classic patterns.

Functions taper bushes
टेपर झाड़ियों को यांत्रिक प्रसारण में नियोजित किया जाता है और इसकी विशेषता है:

Extensive system taper bushes and hubs
Sati delivers the most complete plan taper bushes. The taper bushes are made of solid iron EN-GJL-250 UNI EN 1561. Each and every bore has a चीन शंकु झाड़ी ५DIN 6885 spinner. If a taper bush sprocket is not included in the regular range, a welding hub can be utilized. The substance employed for welding nuts is Fe 50.

टेपर बुश
A taperlock is a standardized method. They are completely ready-to-use (conical) connectors that let quick and straightforward coupling and V-belt discs to be delivered and assembled. Other names for taperlock are: Magic-lock bushing, taper bush, clamping box, tension box.

We can also supply particular bushings produced of other machinable resources. Remember to inquire

Listed necessary hub diameter is for reference only. Severe situations may चीन शंकु झाड़ी ५demand larger hub and in some cases a slightly smaller sized hub may be satisfactory. Inquire about certain application.

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