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वियोज्य श्रृंखला

Steel detachable chain is one of the oldest styles chains that are still in use today. Because the early 1900s metal detachable chains have already been implemented in agricultural and commercial applications all over the world. They stemmed from the वियोज्य श्रृंखला चीन original cast detachable chain design (patented in 1873) and are produced to be light-weight, economical, and durable. United states Roller Chain and Sprockets provides a high-quality line of Metal Detachable Chains (SDC) and steel detachable sprockets. We also have attachments and the simple to use steel detachable chain breaker! Our selection of American standard steel detachable chain is produced from a special hot-rolled strip steel that’s heat-treated for increased power and a longer wear life. This kind of chain is created वियोज्य श्रृंखला 1for moderate loads and speeds, it is extremely easy to restoration and install. Something important to note when setting up and using metal detachable chain is definitely that the shut end of the tab should always be towards the sprocket. We stock both painted and non-painted SDC chains so when ordering make sure you specify which series you are looking for.