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निकल चढ़ाया चेन (एन)

Specialized nickel plating for a neat and clean look and corrosion resistance
The surface of Rustless Chains is nickel plated for an appealing exterior and corrosion resistance. It is going to exhibit superb corrosion resistance specifically when utilised in mixture with grease lubrication. You may expect the effect to delay hydrogen brittle destruction when employed in situations the place chains are exposed to sea breeze or acidic sprays.
? श्रृंखला को तब भी संरक्षित किया जाता है जब संक्षारक वाष्प का उत्सर्जन करने वाली गिलिंग या एल्यूमाइट मशीनों के साथ उपयोग किया जाता है।
The effectiveness of rust resistance and corrosion resistance on the nickel plating isn’t going to deteriorate even under situations of large temperature and continues to safeguard the chain.
?The chain’s fine exterior helps make it perfect for machines for demonstration.
सुझाए गए उपयोग
?When a clean look is preferable
Foods sanitation machines, office machines, textile machines, printing machines, pulp processing machines etc.
?When employing in a corrosive environment Chemical machines, gilding machines, alumite machines
?When a neat exterior is necessary Demonstration machines at exhibitions etc.
जंजीरों का चयन
RSI निकल चढ़ाया हुआ चैन (एन) १power of Rustless Chain is equivalent with standard roller chains.
बैकलिंक और ऑफसेट बैकलिंक को जोड़ना
R connecting hyperlinks are used for Rustless Chains #60 or smaller sized and C connecting hyperlinks for #80 or larger. We supply 2POJ offset backlinks for sizes #25 and #35, and OJ and 2POJ for all other sizes.
Regular sprockets for Rustless Chains may be used since the dimensions would be the very same as conventional roller chains.
कृपया स्टेनलेस स्टील की जंजीरों का उपयोग करें जब चेन को पानी, समुद्र के पानी, तरल उपचार या संक्षारक विकल्पों के लगातार संपर्क में लाना है।
Unless of course wot so specified by the consumer, chains are coated with grease before delivery. Please make use of the advised lubricant for that upkeep with the chain considering the fact that lubrication working with grease can cause lubrication failure.
Seek the advice of us in the event the chain will be to be applied for hoisting applications.