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ऊर्जा संचरण विशेषता श्रृंखला श्रृंखला के लिए रोलर चेन

Responding to numerous sort of requirements
साइकिल श्रृंखला
1.Rustproof का ख्याल रखा हाय-गार्ड
(ई) आसानी से उपलब्ध है
two. Lightest from the same size models
छोटी पिच श्रृंखला
one.Ultra- सटीक श्रृंखला
दो। चार.7625 मिमी पिच की पेशकश की
3. उच्च तकनीक मशीनों के लिए
इंजन तंत्र श्रृंखला
Roller Chains for Energy Transmission Specialty Chain Series 1वन. मिसशाफ्ट ड्राइव टाइमिंग चेन
संलग्न इकाइयों की 2.Drive श्रृंखला
(तेल पंप आदि)
3. बड़े प्रदर्शन वाले इंजनों के लिए
मौन जंजीर
one.Best engaging structure
2.High-speed robust tensile transmission feasible
3.Higher noise reduction
मौन जंजीर
one.Higher durability in contrast
SC को
two.Larger noise reduction when compared with SC
कृषि रोलर चेन
एक। प्रतिरोधी में अत्यधिक पोशाक
2.Really heavy-load resistant
three.Very shock load resistant
बीएस रोलर श्रृंखला (आईएसओ बी-श्रृंखला रोलर श्रृंखला)
1. आईएसओ "बी श्रृंखला" मानक के साथ बढ़ते
2. ब्रिटिश और जर्मन आवश्यकताओं के साथ बढ़ते
3.Sprockets comply together with the British Regular.
पत्ता चैन
एक। केवल पिन और प्लेटों से बना।
two.Larger power compared to roller chains
3.दो रूप पाए जा सकते हैं: एएल और बीएल।
On top of that to general chains, we also manufacture numerous chains produced for unique applications such as bicycle chains and motorbike chains.
Some specialty chains is usually engaged with conventional sprockets. Dress in resistant properties of common chains are integrated inside the specifications of every kind of specialty chains.
विशेषता श्रृंखलाओं को निम्नानुसार वर्गीकृत किया गया है:
साइकिल श्रृंखला
?छोटी पिच श्रृंखला
? इंजन तंत्र श्रृंखला
; मूक चैन
? कृषि श्रृंखला
पत्ती श्रृंखला
?BS kind Roller Chain (British Typical Roller Chain)

साइकिल श्रृंखला
Bicycle chains are emblematic with the DID brand, and we have been founded initially to the manufacturing of bicycle chains. They have been applied in lots of bicycles made in Japan and around the world nations.
Not long ago, our Hi Guard Chain (E) with an additional rust preventive remedy has favorable track record by customers. The bicycle chains are actually constantly examined and improved in effectiveness, excellent and specifications as noticed during the availability of latest merchandise. Like a result, they’re the lightest and most compact chains amid products in the same dimension. Presently, they are really used not simply for bicycles but for several functions such as the driving of vending machines and agricultural implements and for conveyor methods.